Social Distancing Flooring and Markings

Create a safer workplace for everyone with clear messaging and markers to maintain social distancing measures. To support business planning for reopening of sites, FlowStore have added a range of social distancing signage to its material handling solutions.

With social distancing set to continue as businesses begin to open up, we can help you ensure your sites are compliant with social distancing measures issued by the government. FlowStore have a range of ergonomic mats, signs and floor markings to prompt staff and visitors to maintain 2 metre spacing between other people.

Production floors and logistic centres often have people working in close proximity.

Creating visual reminders helps reinforce social distancing measures by creating zones to highlight spacing.

Footmarkers and ergonomic mats can be used to clearly identify working space. Spatial marking can be used to mark safe standing spaces to ensure communication and collaboration is maintained in the workplace.

Adding markings to high transit areas and shared spaces, helps staff and visitors move through spaces and take breaks with visual reminders to keep their distance when most social interaction occurs away from the workspace.