Creating Clearly Defined Production Units with Production Cells

A production cell is a small-scale, clearly defined production unit within a larger factory. All necessary machines, material handling equipment and manpower are contained within a production cell.  FlowTube is the ideal solution for creating the required material handling equipment to ensure component flow into the production cell using flow racks and trolleys.  Workstations and packing stations are also incorporated for assembly of parts and final products.

Benefits of workstations

  • Optimises performance focusing on one part of the manufacturing process
  • Increases productivity and output per team
  • Shared or common components can be stored in main storage areas, whilst specific or custom components can be stored in their specific production cells
  • Distributes storage around the factory to where it is needed and reduces picking time
  • Material handling equipment is built into the process and stays within its production cell
  • Smaller individual production cells allow for better quality assurance and search for root problems is quicker


Ergonomic Adjustable Height Workstations

Adjustable height workstations are ideal for creating a more ergonomic and adaptable workspace in the manufacturing and packaging environment. Users have the option to sit or stand whilst working, adjust the height of the workstation to the right position for comfortable working, and allow multiple users of the same station.

The electronic-based height adjustable workstations made with FlowTube are designed for smooth motion to minimise shaking and vibrations. This eliminates the need to rearrange the desk or secure items before adjusting the height, creating a more efficient workstation. Watch our videos to see our workstation in motion.

Vibration and shaking test video
Learn more about height adjustable workstations

If you are interested in having custom height adjustable workstation designed and built for you, please contact us here

Creating Ergonomic Production Cells

As production cells group together teams to focus on one part of the production process, job rotation occurs more frequently.  Adjustable height workstations allow the production cell to be flexible for all workers, with easy height adjustments to suit each worker resulting in higher productivity and wellbeing.

With the option of manual hand-crank or electronic adjustments, FlowTube can help you create the ideal workstation designed to meet the requirement of your processes.  See the videos below to learn more.