FlowTube Modular Stage System

From instant school stage to portable dance stage, the FlowTube stage system is the answer to your modular staging needs, whether temporary or permanent. Totally flexible, it’s quick and easy to assemble and can be used as a standalone portable stage or incorporated into an existing staging system.

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The FlowTube Stage System allows you to customise the modular staging to your requirements of width, height, layout configuration, surface finish and even the colour of the steel tubes. Mobile stages can easily be tailored to your needs, and layouts quickly changed with the use of reusable steel tubing, joints and accessories.

stage & staging system storage trolley school stage & models catwalk system’s compact mobile storage trolley 1.	FlowTube staging system & school stage base units with fixing plates modular and portable stage for schools
portable stage for schools
modular stage system with decking panels stage system with steps and handrails 1.	FlowTube staging system & school stage base units with fixing plates mobile and portable stage system
modular and portable stage
Tubes for FlowTube staging system & school stage stage system with ramp Tubes for FlowTube staging system & school stage portable stage system
portable staging systems

Ideal for all occasions which call for portable stage platforms, the FlowTube Modular Stage System is easily transportable on its neat mobile trolley and takes up little space once dismantled. You simply slot the tubular base units and decking panels inside each other, stowing them away on the trolley.

Affordably priced, our versatile mobile stage system is the ideal instant school stage, church stage or hall platform. Need a temporary platform for a college or charity fashion show? Our modular staging with its permutations makes the perfect instant catwalk. Need to erect a dance stage? Look no further than our portable stages.

The Advantages of the FlowTube Stage System

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • The staging can be temporary or permanent
  • Stored neatly on transportable trolley
  • Lightweight, strong and safe
  • Optional hand rail can be added
  • You can specify the height and size(s) of module(s)
  • You can add fascia panels
  • You can choose from a range of surface finishes
  • You can choose the tubing colour
  • You can have the joints with a metallic or black finish
  • The stage system can be tiered
  • You can completely customise the layout configuration

Some typical uses for the FlowTube Stage System

  • Portable dance stage
  • Band stage
  • Mobile staging for marquees
  • Temporary platforms for events and exhibitions
  • Performance stage for youth groups and schools
  • Mobile stage for theatre groups
  • Fashion catwalk
  • Extra staging for community centres
  • Church staging
  • Outdoor shows
  • Concert stage
  • Additional permanent stage

Versatile, easy to use and affordable, the FlowTube modular staging system is the perfect answer to your portable stages needs – from school stage to concert performance stage.