Lean Display Boards

Display boards are used in a wide variety of lean manufacturing settings for visual management – both visual display and visual control. While traditionally display boards were fixed to walls, it is beneficial in a lean manufacturing environment to have moveable free-standing display boards so that the information is visible at the right location. All FlowTube lean display boards can be mounted on castors or attached to other FlowTube structures so that information is available in the right place at the right time.

FlowTube lean visual display boards can be quickly modified, added to and if no longer required they can be dismantled, with the components reused in other FlowTube structures.

lean display board for plasma screen lean display stands for white boards lean exhibition stands free-standing
frame for lean production boards large frame for clean display boards mobile lean display panels small mobile agile display boards single free-standing lean notice boards dual free-standing kaizen display boards
large frame for six sigma display boards display boards for lean communication lean display boards and tools dual lean display white boards free-standing display boards for lean 5S easel for lean visual display boards
custom lean display board ideas long wall-mounted lean production boards display boards for lean manufacturing

FlowTube lean display boards can be used to display:

  • Live production rates and quality information
  • Standard work procedures and updates
  • Production scheduling and levelling or smoothing (Heijunka)
  • Maintenance scheduling and SMED procedures
  • The results of 5S audits
  • Training / skills matrices
  • Safety notices and information
  • Information on kaizen activities and continuous improvement projects
  • Data and analysis from Six Sigma projects
  • Production KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Company communications

Other lean display board ideas include using FlowTube display boards as lean exhibition stands.  

Flexible and mobile, the display boards are perfect for lean manufacturing areas as they provide the ideal setting for gathering the workforce when you want team collaboration and communication. They are also hard-wearing and made to withstand harsh operating locations, so are the best solution when you need lean production boards.