Building collaborative cultures through visual management using Lean and SQCDP boards

Visual Management boards allow teams to communicate with staff at all levels to highlight performance to KPI’s, identify risks, anticipate challenges and define solutions. Lean boards and SQCDP boards build a more collaborative approach enabling faster problem-solving, improved team performance and improved work efficiency.

Benefits of FlowTube in Lean Management and SQCDP boards

  • FlowTube’s tube and bracket solution allows you to create your board to any size to display all the information needed
  • Wide range of brackets and accessories enables different shapes to be built such as a flat board, cube or centre of excellence
  • Boards can be freestanding on castor wheels for mobility, a fixed station or wall mounted
  • SQCDP boards can be separated into individual boards to display more information and encourage ideas/solutions to be listed
  • Modular solutions allow templated boards to be changed for new template boards as KPI’s or processes are changed
  • A range of colours available to brand or colour code with a team for easy identification