Material Handling for all Industries

FlowTube can be used to create material flow systems in any industry. FlowTube is particularly suitable to create material flow equipment where customised solutions are required. With FlowTube, the equipment can be designed to fit into any space, maximise productivity and optimise ergonomics for employees to create more efficient material flow and assembly processes. Being a modular solution, FlowTube is also reusable. Once a structure is no longer required it can be disassembled and the components can be used to create new applications and solutions.

Fixed material handling equipment is a costly investment for any production facility or warehouse. As processes evolve and improvements are identified, fixed equipment would generally need to be discarded and replaced with new. This is a costly approach to material handling. With FlowTube, every solution is modular, can be static or mobile, and more importantly, adapted to meet your process improvement requirements.

FlowTube can be integrated into other manufacturing systems and equipment, whether new or existing, to provide additional functionality and solutions. Typical applications for FlowTube include:

  • Live storage
  • Conveyor systems
  • Material handling
  • Order picking (including automated pick-to-light)
  • Assembly lines

Customers are currently deploying FlowTube across multiple a wide range of applications in the following sectors:

Automotive & Aerospace

FlowTube can be used to create or improve every
aspect of an assembly line - from integrating into
conveyor systems to setting up line-side storage,
and even building custom inventory replenishment

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Electronics Manufacturing

FlowTube is ideal for setting up, for example, custom electronics manufacturing cells including specialist workstations. FlowTube components can also be specified in electro-static discharge [ESD] compatible coatings where required.

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Warehousing & Distribution

FlowTube can be integrated into other FlowStore products in warehouse and distribution facilities. It can also be used to build items such as flow racks, picking trolleys, sorting and packing stations.

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Food Manufacturing

Designing the right packaged food handling solutions in the food sector is essential to ensure perishable goods are distributed in a First In, First Out system to minimise wastage. Flow racks and picking trolleys can be specially designed to keep food products flowing through from production to despatch as efficiently as possible.

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Live carton flow in retail is hugely important to get right with online shopping and traditional stores causing significant variations in the number of packages per order. From designing flow racks to manage large volume order intakes and distribute quickly for lineside picking, to picking trolleys designed specifically for retail and online orders, and packing stations to allow rapid preparation for delivery, FlowTube is the ideal solution to meet your live carton flow requirements.

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

Most medical products have a shelf life and FlowTube can be used to create first in first out [FIFO] racks to ensure stock is used in the correct order. FlowTube can also be integrated with automated order picking systems to manage large numbers of SKUs..

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General Manufacturing

FlowTube is incredibly versatile and can be used to create bespoke equipment in a general manufacturing context. This equipment can include: trolleys, carts, transportation systems and production lines.

Unlike fabricated equipment, FlowTube can be designed and built very rapidly. For relatively simple structures, the design can be a simple sketch used to determine the quantities of parts required. The parts can then be ordered, delivered and built by you with ease, or alternatively we can build it for you. Furthermore if the planned design is not perfect once it is built, the FlowTube structure can be cheaply and easily modified to remedy any problems.

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