FlowTube Customised Trolleys for Industry, Assembly and Order Picking environments

FlowTube is an ideal solution if you want to build a customised industrial trolley for any use. As with all FlowTube structures, industrial trolleys can be fully bespoke to meet any design requirements, and be easily be modified for new uses.

Rather than hoping that an off-the-shelf steel trolley might meet your needs, a FlowTube trolley can be optimised for size, strength and ergonomics. It can also be integrated with various tools, into production lines and inventory management systems. A FlowTube shelf trolley or tray trolley can be used to provide mobile inventory wherever you want it.

FlowTube trolleys are also perfect for continuous improvement environments, and can be rapidly designed, built and modified during kaizen events. The ability to modify industrial and storage trolleys is particularly useful when making iterative improvements if products or processes change.

Table trolleys are frequently recommended for Lean activities such as 5S or SMED to store common tools and move them to the point of use. A FlowTube table trolley can be designed and modified to incorporate all required equipment in an ergonomic efficient manner.

In warehouses FlowTube can be used to create custom order picking trolleys, which could be designed to perfectly accommodate awkwardly sized products or narrow aisles between shelving. A well designed order picking trolley can also improve ergonomics for operators by integrating tools, shelves and handles at a comfortable height. Storage trolleys can be built to handle larger inventory items while retaining the ability to move the product to the best location.

Shelf trolley with castors and many shelfs Versatile kitting trolley with solid top Mobile steel trolleys with sloping shelves
Mobile industrial trolley table with sliding shelf Mobile industrial trolleys high with multiple levels Mobile stainless steel trolley with wooden base Mobile storage trolleys reinforced load surface Large table trolley with two levels Small customised trolley tables
Storage trolley flow rack with castors Customised tray trolley with four levels Tray trolleys with large top surface

FlowTube has been used to create the following trolleys:

  • storage trolleys
  • industrial trolleys
  • shelf trolleys
  • tray trolleys
  • trolley tables
  • shelf trolleys
  • order picking trolleys
  • office trolleys
  • steel trolleys
  • kitting Trolley
  • catering trolleys
  • hospital trolleys
  • book trolleys
  • stainless steel trolleys
  • 3 shelf trolley
  • art storage trolley
  • deluxe heavy duty steel trolley
  • janitor and cleaners trolleys
  • maintenance trolleys
  • mobile office trolley
  • mobile storage trolley
  • post and mailroom trolleys
  • storage bin trolleys
  • warehouse trolleys