Industrial Mats & Flooring by Ergomat

Our top quality industrial mats help increase productivity as well as addressing important health and safety issues in the workplace. Ergomat is perfect to be used in a Lean Environment and a solution for 5S principles, or other continual improvement philosophies. Designed as an ergonomic solution to tiredness, or fatigue, caused by standing for long periods of time,

Ergomat industrial flooring is available in any shape or size. You can have your non slip anti fatigue matting made in one piece as required, so avoiding the trip hazards of overlapping or worn-out linking mats.

Other health and safety solutions we provide are motion-activated hazard warning signs, bumper pads, padded edge protectors and cart stops.

Our large range of industrial mats has polyurethane matting and rubber flooring for every situation, including manufacturing, warehouse, clinical, school and retail conditions.

The moulded bevelled edges of our industrial mats will never curl up, therefore they greatly reduce the danger of tripping. For extra safety and convenience, they can be custom-produced in one piece to fit the most intricate area or work cell. Available as foamed polyurethane or rubber safety mats, we have an extensive range of anti slip matting and ergonomic flooring ideal for places where workers must stand for long periods; its surface profiles help promote alertness – and therefore productivity – by stimulating the body to increase blood circulation.

Our safety flooring is silicone- and latex-free, with various properties available including for use in very wet or dry conditions, chemical / oil-resistant, flame-retardant and ESD anti-static. We have specifications ranging from light duty industrial flooring such as for retail counters and mail rooms, through assembly and picking lines, to heavy traffic areas with extreme pivoting or where carts and trolleys are used. We also supply hygienic tear-off sticky mats, which provide a quick effective means to clean shoe soles before entering a clean area.

Polyurethane matting
Suitable for non-abrasive dry to slightly damp or oily environments
Range includes smart mats, custom-printed as production/safety management tools or as logo mats

Rubber floor matting

For more severe conditions

  • Greater heat resistance
  • More anti-abrasion and anti-slip properties
  • Perfect antibacterial mats for clinical and food processing locations 
  • Super safe nonslip floor mats for extremely wet conditions

Please contact us for advice in choosing the right safety and anti fatigue mats for your needs.

Parts and personnel protective products complement our industrial mats: 2-sided flashing signs and floor mats that warn pedestrians and operators of moving vehicles; cart stops (including custom sizes) that prevent heavy carts from rolling away; padded edge protectors; and bumper pads in various profiles.

safe walk signs safety signs mats and flooring

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