FlowTube – The Leading Material Handling Solution

Unleash your material flow creativity with FlowTube.  FlowTube is a modular aluminium or steel tube and bracket solution for the manufacturing industry to help companies implement their Lean Manufacturing strategy to improve material flow and embrace the benefits of Industry 4.0. 

FlowTube Steel and Aluminium are trusted by Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing professionals across many manufacturing sectors from automotive and rail to contract manufacturing and industrial goods.  The key requirements for FlowTube are to provide:

  1. Fast Design and Assembly - FlowTube structures are quick and easy to assemble. It requires no special tools or training, making it ideal for shop-floor changes at the point of use.
  2. Flexible Solutions - Wide range of accessories to meet most assembly line requirements.  This allows equipment to be easily modified to improve ergonomics or adapt to implement new manufacturing processes.
  3. Mobile Equipment- All FlowTube equipment can be mounted on castors so that the work area can be quickly rearranged for optimal productivity.
  4. Easier Maintenance – Witness markings allow visual inspection of joints without unbolting brackets, making Total Productive Maintenance quick for material flow and production lines.
  5. Reusable - Rebuild or recycle structure when finished – make your manufacturing processes more environmentally sustainable by reducing waste from fitting.

The FlowTube product range consists of both steel and aluminium tubes that interlock with quick assembly brackets and a variety of accessories. This wide range of options allows you to design and build a wide range of custom-designed structures to provide solutions to meet your storage and material handling requirements.

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The FlowTube Building Blocks

Simplicity drives FlowTube's versatility in working with its tubes, components and accessories.  This allows Kaizen and production engineers to take a building block approach to create solutions that meet their product line requirements through using tubes and brackets to create the main parts of the structure.


Aluminium Tubes
The newest addition to the product range, aluminium tubes offer the most versatility with 18 different tube profiles, while still offering heavy-duty performance.


Steel Tubes
Steel tubes provide the strongest solution in the FlowTube range.  The steel range is available in 7 different diameters, with up to 19 colours to choose from and three coating options for different environments.


FlowTube's patented pyramidal grip and dovetail interlock make the bracket a key differentiator when choosing the right solution for a continuous improvement strategy.  The grip and dovetail interlock create a robust connection between the tubes, making it more resistant to substantial impacts and heavyweight loads.  As part of continuous improvement strategies, the bracket can be undone, have new tubes added, and then tightened many times and maintain the same sturdy grip.


Roller Tracks
Roller tracks are a vital component in live carton flow systems, from the loading of gravity flow racks to conveyor systems moving stock through the production line.  Discover our range of standard, silent and curved tracks to meet your production line requirements.


Karakuri Components
Karakuri solutions allow productions lines to create electricity-free systems that enable continuous movement of material.  FlowTube’s product range has an extensive range of Karakuri-specific components to help you design and build your bespoke automated solution.

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FlowTube's wide range of accessories enables a wide range of solutions to be developed to meet your requirements.  Dunnage bags, label holders, picking bins and power are examples of how your solution can be tailored to precisely what your material flow needs.

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FlowTube-based solutions are modular and easy to adapt for small or large process improvements.  From automotive and industry to retail and logistics, our clients have used FlowTube solutions to deliver ergonomic and simplified processes, and improve worker productivity, resulting in reduced cycle time, increased throughput and reduction of floor space occupied by material handling equipment.