FlowTube Specifications

Plastic or metal joints are used to connect steel tubes (tube-to-tube / pipe-to-pipe) to make a rigid modular framework. A wide range of both plastic and metal joints allows the assembly of virtually any frame configuration.

The steel tubes are available in a choice of specifications for both normal and ESD tubes.  These include the finish of the tubes, thickness and colour. They are supplied in a standard length of 4,000 mm. (We are able to supply them cut to your specification, or built into your finished design)

Joints are available in both pressed metal components and plastic moulded joints. 

Metal Joints

Reusable metal joints allow for modifications, adjustments and reconstruction of FlowTube structures.  There are over 30 different joints and component combinations. They are supplied in the following finishes:

  • Zinc Plated metal joints
  • Powder Coated metal joints
  • Nickel Plated (ESD) metal joints

Excellent grip characteristics have been achieved by introducing a series of protruding pyramids in contact with the stainless steel tubes. 
When used with coated tubes the grip is enhanced by 30%.

Plastic Joints

Plastic joints, which offer a lightweight costs effective alternative to the metal joints. There are over 40 different plastic joints and components which come in the following colours:

  • Ivory
  • Grey
  • Black


A comprehensive range of accessories allows the versatile FlowTube system to be used in many different applications. They include:

  • Roller tracks
  • Castors
  • Feet
  • Adaptor brackets
  • Connecting joints


  • Flow racks
  • Workstations
  • Trolleys
  • Shelving and Storage
  • Displays
  • Customised applications

More information:
More information can be found in the FlowTube Design and Assembly Guide or by contacting FlowTube directly.

FlowTube offer a comprehensive choice of plastic and metal joints with steel tubes, with a choice of specifications, to build a number of applications for industry, offices, schools etc