Enabling FIFO with Gravity Flow Racks

Gravity flow racks are the ideal solution to implement a FIFO (First In First Out) stock management strategy. Designing flow racks with inclined roller tracks can apply FIFO principles by moving stock forward towards the picking line, with loading done from the higher end of the shelf. FIFO racking allows items with a shelf-life to keep moving forward and new stock to be loaded without impeding the picking side.

In Kanban systems, you can integrate a return lane that inclines in the opposite direction for empty bins and totes to be sent back to the loading side for reuse.

Benefits of FlowTube for Flow Racks

  • Flow racks have higher stocking capacity than conventional shelves as they can be considerably deeper, with older stock flowing forward and replenishment from the rear of the rack
  • No electricity is required to move inventory forward as the gravity moves stock down the inclined roller tracks
  • Customisable and flexible solutions can be created that fit into the available space, shelves spaced for the primary carton size and all tiers ergonomically designed for visual inspection and physical access
  • Systems can be easily adapted without special tools to new requirements or expanded for higher capacity, supporting lean manufacturing principles
  • Modular design allows flow racks to be easily integrated with workstations, assembly lines and conveyors
  • Gravity flow racks can be mounted on castor wheels to create mobile solutions that can be moved to where they are needed and increase the usage of the structure
  • Range of specially coated tubes for ESD compatibility and high-hygiene solutions for cleanrooms
  • FlowTube is available in a variety of colours to fit in with a visual management scheme. It is also available in stainless steel for an improved strength to weight ratio

Flow Rack Gallery

Different types of gravity flow racks

  • Freestanding flow racks
  • Mobile / portable flow racking
  • Adjustable gravity rack
  • Ergonomic flow racks
  • Industrial roller rack
  • Assembly flow racks
  • Flow rack workstations
  • ESD roller racks
  • Modular flow rack