Creating Efficient Carton Flow in Distribution Centres

Creating the right live carton flow in a distribution centre is vital to stock management and meeting quick delivery timelines.  The journey stock takes from Goods into Despatch must be optimised to reduce the time on shelves.

With warehouses becoming more technology orientated and the expansion of automated warehouses, the material flow solutions required to ensure the most efficient processes must be designed to meet your requirements.

Implementing live carton flow with flow racks

Live carton flow racks improve stock management by using roller tracks that continuously move older stock towards the picking line.  This helps to implement FIFO processes and optimise stock management.


  • Design to any functioning depth, make it ideal for small and large distribution centres
  • Easier picking of cartons when quantity is less than a pallet load
  • Reduced time and mistakes when picking as stock moves to the front of the flow rack increasing product visibility
  • Use as standalone units for order picking, or connect to conveyors to integrate into material flow solutions
  • FlowTube flow racks can be made to accommodate any size of carton allowing you to maximise the storage capacity available
  • Reduce single-use plastic wrap usage to hold stock on pallet by using mobile flow racks to store and move stock

Using trolleys/carts for order picking

Trolleys/carts allow quicker picking of smaller orders.  You can design for picking multiple orders or odd-shaped packages to reduce the number of journeys required to complete the order.

In automated distribution centres, totes can be loaded on to trolleys and AGVs can take the trolley to the packaging area.


  • Trolleys can be designed for the types of cartons typically in a storage area or distribution centre
  • Designing trolleys/carts with large openings allow for automated tote loading
  • Design to be compatible with AGVs

Simplified Packaging Stations

Packaging stations are vital in shipping goods and components on time and securely to avoid damage in transit. Ensuring all materials are in close reach, FlowTube can accommodate a variety of package sizes and being ergonomically designed helps the packing team to increase productivity and reduce mistakes.

Working with a FlowTube solution allows you to create the right packaging station that meets your requirements and ergonomic workspace for your employees wellbeing.


  • Create height adjustable packing stations to adjust for any user, using electronic or manual adjustment
  • Station is not pre-built and can be easily adapted for larger packaging, changes in packaging type and increase in number of people at the station
  • Accessories with FlowTube include monitor stands, power bars, lighting, shadow board for cutting equipment and roller tracks for bins and goods/components to move into easy reach of employees
  • Conveyors can be added to help packages move to quality control and despatch