Saving the NHS thousands of pounds per cart with the Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart

The Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart was created by the Gateshead Digital Roll Out team to provide an ergonomic and fit for purpose solutions to help the everyday users of IT equipment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Led by Dr Robert Allcock, Chief Clinical Information Officer, the team designed a Computer on Wheels solution that met the requirements of daily tasks, that could be adapted to specialist equipment, and £2000 cheaper than those available via their supply chain.  Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust teamed up with FlowStore to finalise the designs and make the Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart available to purchase for their colleagues across the NHS.

Benefits of FlowTube in Computer on Wheels

  • Up to £2000 cheaper than current solutions supplied to NHS
  • Designed with daily users within the NHS for use by the NHS to ensure it is fit for purpose on the wards
  • FlowTube's modular system allows the Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart to be adapted to change dimensions, add extra shelves for equipment or holders for equipment used in daily rounds
  • Each Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart has space for dual screens, a label printer and a full A4 printer, as well as storage for paper and labels
  • Plenty of work surface for clinicians to place notebooks, work with mouse and view patients’ digital records. A version is available with folder compartments to carry patient records
  • Ergonomically designed to provide comfort and space to work, as well as being mounted on castor wheels to manoeuvre around the ward
  • Special tube coating stops bacterial colonisation, as proven at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, to make cleaning regime easier

Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart Gallery

Before (left):
Limited space for a notebook to be placed, and no screen holder, so laptop must be used.

After (right):
Doctors and nurses can update digital records from notebooks, and screen holder creates more ergonomic PC cart.
Before (left):
Computer on wheels cart has no space for notepad when a screen holder is mounted or additional shelving space for printers.

After (right):
Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart is built with space for printers, label printer and work surface for updating digital notes.
Before (left):
Patient record carts have no space for screens to compare digital and paper notes.

After (right):
Dedicated worksurface and records holder allows doctors to ensure digital records are updated and that they look at the latest notes.
Before (left):
Crowded PC station leaves very little space for users to work.

After (right):
Using similar accessories to the Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart allows the PC station to become more ergonomic and will enable doctors and nurses to work more effectively.