Customised banner frames

Our banner frames are an excellent solution for a wide range of banner display needs. Because of their attractive and modern design, our portable banner stands will never go unnoticed in events like marketing campaigns, fundraising, county shows and store openings.

The secret of our banner stands’ popularity is that the frames can be customised to the exact size you specify. Should you ever need to change the frames’ size, the modular tube system is resizable and reusable. You can also choose the colour of the tubes and whether you want the frames to be single or double sided banner stands.

Our portable banner stands can be mounted on a wall or used free standing – in which case choosing to use both sides will fully use the system

Unlike a standard banner frame unit, our banner stands are supplied with bungees. They are manageable to use and competitively priced. They can be assembled and dismantled quickly without requiring any specialised tools, and because they are highly versatile, our banner display frames can be transported easily in the back of family cars or vans.

banner display frames & stands vertical banner frames & stands

Typical uses of a FlowTube Banner Frame

  • Freestanding banner frames

  • Small and large banner frames

  • Interior and exterior banner frames

  • Wall mounted banner frames

  • Outdoor & external banner frames

  • Portable displays

  • Temporary and permanent displays

  • Single and double sided banner frames

banner frames for vinyl banners exhibition banner stands
a framed exhibition banner stand customised outdoor banner stands
trade show banner stands

There are a number of reasons to love our banner frames! Among these are their flexibility, portability and manageability, which make them the perfect solution. Lightweight and with a robust design, our banner stands are easy to store and durable enough to be used for years. For your convenience, the length of the banner display frames can be customised as well.

Aside from supplying banner display stands, we can also arrange the printing of your PVC banners to go with them. In addition, the colour of the tubes is down to you – so you can have various finishes and displays that are all stunning and effective! And because the FlowTube system is so sturdy and durable, you’ll find our double sided banner stands and large banner frames are suitable for both temporary and permanent use.