Material handling in Automotive

With the complex assembly process of vehicle bodies and major components in the automotive industry, material handling equipment needs to be adaptable to the requirements of each production line. 

With automotive trends moving between small, SUVs and hybrid/electric vehicles, production planning becomes more difficult and having fixed material handling systems can limit a manufacturer’s agility in responding to fluctuations in demand.

FlowTube’s modular approach allows production lines to be fixed for established processes and flexible to accommodate short-notice changes to batches or limited production runs.  This flexibility enables automotive manufacturers to manage their material flow more effectively.

Custom flow racks for automotive industry

Flow racks allow two-sided operation with the loading of components from the input side and picking from the assembly line side.  This creates more efficient use of space and flow of parts through the production line.

Modular flow racks are ideal for high volume components such as wing mirrors, headlamps, steering wheels and other smaller parts.


  • Products presented ergonomically for easier visual and physical access
  • Build multiple tier systems based on production line requirements
  • Tracks mounted with inclines keeps material flowing to the front of the picking station
  • Deliveries can be quickly loaded into the back of flow racks in a FIFO system
  • Solutions can be fixed or mobile.  Mobile solutions installed on castor wheels for movement around the production facility
  • Coloured tubes are available to match up to corporate branding or visually to colour-code different zones

Custom storage shelves for automotive industry

Designing custom storage shelving allows production facilities and distribution centres to plan storage and optimise space to maximise storage capacity.

FlowTube’s modular approach enables rapid design and prototyping to create the perfect solution to meet automotive industry processes.


  • Build multiple tier systems based on your material planning
  • Tracks mounted with inclines keeps material flowing to the front of the picking station
  • Deliveries can be quickly loaded into the back of storage shelving in a FIFO system
  • Solutions can be modified to make structures taller or deeper as capacity requirements increase
  • Storage structures can be built on castor wheels for mobile storage

Custom picking trolleys/carts for automotive industry

Picking trolleys and carts create a faster movement of a small number of components, as well as creating custom solutions designed to handle large or odd-shaped objects. 

Trolleys and carts provide the ideal solutions for the movement of car seats, display units and engine parts.


  • Multiple trolley/cart designs can be deployed for various stages of the assembly process
  • Helps implement just in time processes within the assembly line to ensure components only arrive when required
  • Reduced travel time between storage and assembly lines as you can move more than one item
  • With AGVs becoming more common, FlowTube’s modular design and lightweight materials can be designed specifically for AGV operation to increase productivity and pick rates
  • Design custom solutions to fit into smaller spaces in your fixed assembly line
  • Create mobile production lines with trolleys/carts docking with production cells for more efficient component handling

Custom toaster racks for automotive industry

Toaster racks are the ideal solution for creating dedicated systems to handle very large objects and making them easy to move around the assembly line.

Ideal for moving car bonnets, car doors, windows, sunroofs and dashboards between storage and assembly line.


  • One person can quickly move many odd-shaped items instead of two persons carrying one item
  • More efficient use of production staff and faster stock movement from storage to the assembly line
  • Safely move multiple components enhancing production line health and safety

Custom special handling goods transfer trolleys/carts

With the automotive industry running through various production cycles, suppliers often have to prepare for shipments in advance to meet tight deadlines.  Custom products that require special handling can be transported back and forth using dedicated trolleys/carts that can directly dock with the assembly line.
Ideal for limited edition components such as seats and custom finish dashboards.


  • Create solutions to maximise storage capacity
  • Protect goods in transit
  • Transfer trolley/cart from the truck to the assembly line for increased efficiency
  • Trolley/cart can be created to store all custom components for custom car designs to avoid mix-ups on the production line

Creating custom production cells for the automotive industry

With production lines continuously being improved for efficiency, capacity and ergonomics, FlowTube allows modular solutions to be created that can be modified as processes change.

FlowTube’s wide range of accessories includes adjustable height work surfaces, dunnage bags, picking bins and low gradient tracks to maximise component capacity.

Ideal for assembling engine components, headlamps and dashboard assemblies.


  • More efficient use of space to confine specific processes in its zone
  • Create with enough space to bring in trolleys and carts
  • Attach to a conveyor line to pass semi-finished products along the assembly line
  • Implement changes to a process quickly without rearranging an entire linear assembly line